2018 Voter Registration Event

@ Cafe Mustache

Monday, October 15 ~~ 7PM

2018 General Election season is in full swing with the Illinois election coming up on November 6th! There are several candidates running in this election across Federal, State & Local races and your participation is critical to making democracy work for all of us. During this special edition of Ladylike, we will have volunteers on hand to help you register to vote and prepare your ballot for election day. Did you know that having a voting plan makes you more likely to show up and vote on election day? Did you know you can vote early in Cook County and already have this checked off your list?

If you are not registered to vote, please bring an Illinois State ID or Driver's License to register online. If you don't have an Illinois ID, we will help you plan for your voter registration in-person on election day or provide instructions on voting with absentee ballots.

If you're already a civic superstar and have this all figured out but want to help, please DM us for details on volunteering!