A Murderino Event in The Guest Room at Antique Taco

@ Antique Taco

Tuesday, February 27 ~~ 7PM

Do you enjoy films about Serial Killers, Psycho/Sociopaths, Crime, Gore, and.....

Then join us for our Murderino Event in The Guest Room(upstairs) at Antique Taco for a very special Taco Tuesday on February 27th!

Here we go!!
730-740 Sean Richard Budde - "MACHINE BABY"
740-745 Audre's Revenge Film Production - "THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY YOUR FRUIT"
745-800 Ready Freddy Films - "BURNING INSIDE:A THRILLER WORKOUT"
800-815 Jason Tostevin - "A WAY OUT"
815-845 ****INTERMISSION****
845-900 Storc Speed Pictures - "COULROPHOBIA"
900-925 Third Wheel Entertainment - "STRONGROOM"
925-930 Sean Richard Budde - "CANINE"

****If you have a film you'd like to submit to this
or any of our upcoming screenings, please contact SinemaObscuraChicago@gmail.com for more info****