Accessory (Tape Release), Freak Heat Waves, Kristian North, Fran

@ The Empty Bottle

Monday, September 3 ~~ 8:30PM

830PM // FREE MONDAY // 21+

ACCESSORY is the new heart-felt solo project of JASON “DAT BOI!” BALLA (of Ne-Hi, Dehd, Earring). Conjuring youthful nostalgia in every down-stroke, BALLA uses his signature lo-fi warble to carry us back to a moment of bliss and pure love. Seemingly never not working on new music, we’re expecting a set full of surprises and possibly some tears for the Bottle debut of ACCESSORY.

Freak Heat Waves
In the two years since their last release, FREAK HEAT WAVES have continued a perpetual process of transformation. Shedding familiar influences from the heavily excavated histories of post-punk and krautrock, the band has now beamed into uncharted territory with the otherworldly sound of their third album, Beyond XXXL.

Montreal’s KRISTIAN NORTH gets the party started with his dance heavy nu-pop bangers. Getting his start playing for Canada’s BABYSITTER band, KRISTIAN takes it solo to work the genre gamut and come out with an album this year boasting rock’n’roll heat from the top all the way to tripped-out punk folk at the bottom. Regardless of the sound, this boy can write!

FRAN delivers a bold approach to creating graceful and empowering alternative rock. On their debut EP, More Enough, FRAN sharpens up and transcends her blissful dreams into reality. With tip-toeing guitar lines and soothingly comfortable vocals to match, their music paints a picture of vast landscapes, somewhere near the countryside, waiting to be explored and for love to be found. We’ve been hooked ever since her EP release party back in December so come experience some FRAN magic and maybe you’ll find that love that you had no idea you’d been longing for.