Basement Family / Rodeo Boys / Brass Calf / Real Drama

@ Burlington Bar

Wednesday, October 16 ~~ 7PM


Basement Family is a three-piece rock outfit from Chicago, forged and tested in feedback. Drawing upon their hometown’s lineage of noise rock as well as the lineups of esteemed labels such as Touch and Go and SST, the power trio has always aimed to make uncompromisingly loud music that is of interest to them rather than chase any trends.


Rodeo Boys is a lansing-based grunge band combining gritty riffs with power pop melodies. They are a queer fronted four piece that is very inspired by 90's era music such as Pixies, Hole, and Nirvana. Their vocalist Tiffany screams and hollers with a little Meat Puppets twang while their lead guitarist Cody shreds solos that'll bring a tear to your eye. Their bassist Duncan is a classically trained jazz musician that prefers ripping grunge tunes, and their drummer Mandy really knows how to beat a drum kit. They released their debut album "Cherry" in May of 2019.


Formed in late 2017, BRASS CALF are a four-piece rock band comprised of longtime friends Nick Lovelace, Alex Lovelace, Weston Engelstad and Scott Myers. They have just completed their debut EP, 'Delphi,' which was recorded over one weekend in a peculiar Indiana farmhouse. Set for a release in summer 2019, 'Delphi' makes use of driving post-punk rhythms, atmospheric textures and often combines irregular grooves with straightforward, pop inspired melodies.


Real Drama is an indie rock power trio from Chicago. They make a kinetic and scrappy kind of rock and roll reminiscent of the Ramones and Cheap Trick.