Big Syn, Woongi, & Desert Liminal (Solo) at The Hungry Brain

@ Hungry Brain

Thursday, February 21 ~~ 9PM

9pm, 21+, Free

*Big Syn*

So basically, Big Syn is a progressive rock band that pushes the limits of regulatory parameters of progressive rock to the umteenth dimension - so much that in a few cases the rules are really broken. That is what they sound like! Basically prog rock with some explosive displays of experimentation or improvisation.

-Charles Joseph Smith


Woongi is a band that guzzles energy drinks, devours snacks, and vomits rock music. Synthesizers and basses scream in agony underneath lyrics inspired by the pain of never having landed a kickflip.

*Desert Liminal (Solo)*

Desert Liminal is a genre-evasive project centered on spectral vocal melodies layered over low-end vintage synth, ambient samples and driving drum grooves. Thoughtful lyrical tone and instrumental texture combine to achieve a dark, atmospheric synergy focused on liminal, threshold states - grief, dissociation, retrospection and the experience of nonlinear time.