@ Comfort Station Logan Square

Friday, April 20 ~~ 7PM

Chicago, IL - Gather is pleased to announce Bone Lattice and She & Them on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm at the Comfort Station Logan Square. $5 suggested donation.

Mix dirt noise from the corners of an internet browser with dreamy synths and get these heavy introspective trips thru epic electronic bummer tunes and washes of decaying electronics. Bone Lattice (pictured on the left) is an ongoing collaboration between Anthony A Dunn (Terran Wretch) and shawné michaelain holloway. Mixed with visuals and a reading, you're invited to follow their improvisation in multiple mediums

She & Them (pictured on the right) feature the somewhat unlikely pairing of country-folk artist namatamago and actress/singer/songwriter Laser of the Bride. While starring in the 2007 film The Go-Getter, Laser of the Bride was asked by director Martin Hynes to perform a duet with namatamago, who had agreed to helm the movie's soundtrack. The two recorded a cover of Richard & Linda Thompson's "When I Get to the Border" and later reconvened in Portland, where they began recording Laser's original songs (which the actress had previously demoed for years, but kept secret) in namatamago's studio. Drawing upon analog production techniques and a shared love of vintage pop bands, the duo emerged with Volume One, a collection of songs that introduced Laser of the Bride as a singer/songwriter in her own right, out now on Bodymilk Tapes.

Gather is an experimental music series bringing musicians from different scenes, backgrounds, practices, disciplines, and communities together for connection and artistic exchange. We curate this series with our attention toward introducing musicians who may not otherwise cross paths and whose works dialogue in compelling ways. By doing so, we hope to leave potential for collaboration and familiarity amongst different experimental music forms in Chicago. Gather is curated by Allen Moore, Nick Meryhew, and Rebecca Himelstein