Cola, Friko, Soft and Dumb

@ Sleeping Village

Thursday, July 21 ~~ 8PM

Cola, Friko, Soft and Dumb
at Sleeping Village
Thu, Jul 21
Doors 8PM | Show 9PM | 21+
$15 ADV | $17 DOS

Cola is a new project from former Ought members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy formed with US Girls drummer Evan Cartwright. “Blank Curtain” provides an exciting hint of the way the new project picks up some of the threads of the pair’s earlier work and weaves them into engaging new shapes, constructing a driving tangle of guitars around an arresting performance from Darcy.
“What started as stripped-down open D songwriting with a CR-78 soon became a full album and new band. We wanted to see how far we could stretch our compositions with just drums, one guitar, one bass, and one voice.
Blank Curtain is a quarter note kick drum pushing 240 bpm, a drone-like chord progression, and declarative vocals cutting through the haze. If you could invert the color of the Blank Curtain, you might have something like a Chicago house track that sounds like a band in a room.”

A Friko show leaves the audience both nostalgic and eager to push forward, at ease with whatever consequence could come from either. And if the fear is still there, it is somehow easier to lean into it, unafraid of the pains that may accompany growing from your roots, wherever you may be planted.

Splaying dissonant chords against pop melodies in odd time signatures, Soft and Dumb explores gendered expectations, disembodiment, tenderness, and hardness. The duo met at college in Urbana, Illinois, where they gathered a dedicated following in the eclectic diy house show scene. Guitarist Elena Buenrostro and drummer Travis Newgren eagerly await their debut album release and move back to Chicago this summer.

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