Cordoba Homecoming Show w/ Bounce House, Cloudtone, NIIKA

@ Que4 Radio

Friday, October 11 ~~ 6:30PM

Come out to the beautiful Que4 community space to hear the *tour tight* Cordoba with our friends from St. Louis, Bounce House! Joining us are art rock pals Cloudtone and neosoul goddess Niika. There will also be some very cool vendors and art!

$7 suggested donation

Cordoba - CHI is a Chicago-based jazz fusion sextet. Soulful vocals, gnarled backbeats, effected guitars, and radicalism collide in their brand of jazz.

Bounce House is a pop rock quartet out of St. Louis, Missouri. Their blend of groove heavy escapist synthpop features dual voals and killer keyboards. Bouncing into a future near you.

Shimmery rock noises based in Chicago

, conceived and fronted by Russian-born Chicago native Nika Nemirovsky (guitar and voice), is a genre-bending, continent-crossing, soft explosion of intimate indie, soul, and dirty pop. Nika wrote and recorded much of her music in Australia, but is currently holding a close focus on the blossoming creativity of her Chicago ensemble. The live show is a lush bath of ardent vocal performance, cradling harmonies, and seamless groove changes, which align like aural punctuation around Nika's vivid storytelling and deep, organic vulnerability.

Projected visuals will be performed by