Dizzy Invert(1): Janet(MO), MultiRacial Etnostate, Heraclitus

@ Situations

Saturday, November 10 ~~ 8PM

Age Restrictions: All Ages

Dizzy Inverts is a new Queer/Femme Centered Performance/sound night curated by Jill Lloyd Flanagan
Janet (MO) is the long running performance/ sound performance of Grace Smith. Somewhat difficult to describe but always mindbending, Smith will spend a set dangerously ascending a very tall ladder in skyscraper heels, rolling around with a mic completely zipped up in a sleeping bag or playing a metal school chair with a contact mic as multiple snowglobe music boxes clunk away. You don't want to miss a rare Chicago gig by her!

Heraclitus, Performance by Here Marie Vernon

Multi-Racial Ethnostate, New band w/ Pea Tee From BlackerFace

At Situations 2202 N. Milwaukee