Dramaglider * Phainopepla (Oakland, CA) * Baby Cuts

@ Moe's Tavern

Friday, June 28 ~~ 7:30PM

Friday June 28th // DOORS 830PM // 21+
This is going to be a great bill of eclectic indie bands!

The illegitimate lovechild of Blondie and The Smashing Pumpkins meets the cousins of Earth, Wind & Fire and Radiohead outside a Lilith Fair parking lot where Sade and Tori Amos are selling delicious cupcakes from the trunk of a car.

Oakland based music that marries electronic beats and pop sensibilities, resulting in a blend of sounds that transcends specific genre.

is an emerging indie art-punk band that’s quickly becoming known in the crowded Chicago original rock scene. The group takes a taste-making approach to its craft and fearlessly avoids any sort of creative comfort zone, preferring to be different!