Dreamgirl / Faux Furrs

@ The Empty Bottle

Friday, September 20 ~~ 8PM

9PM // $10 (adv.), $12 // 21+

Ain't no contest: DREAMGIRL is the most appropriately named dream-pop band in our stretch of the universe. After forming in Missouri back in 2013, DREAMGIRL have basked in success of both the stellar and interstellar variety thanks to their EP 'Illuminaughty' and an acclaimed full-length.

Five minds floating in the vibro-continuum. Plucking petals from the quadrants of garage rock, neo-psychedelia, folk rock, and dream pop, FAUX FURRS molds a unique sonic dimension, striving to exert purity while crafting lyrical landscapes. FAUX FURRS' recent EP 'Canopy' spans from grounded garage melodies to ethereal blends of psychedelically spaced out atmospheres. This gang are at the head of an expansive journey, surfing the waves of Voyager 2.