Ester, Faux Co., Cold Country and more! at the Hideout

@ Hideout Inn

Tuesday, May 14 ~~ 9PM

The City is my Heart: Anna Holmquist Hideout Residency

Come experience a night of Anna's past, present (and maybe future) musical projects, featuring a few surprises.

This full-band incarnation of songwriter Anna Holmquist’s music features the talents of Chris Colson, Will Kyriazis, Tim Newsum, Katelyn Cohen and Raul Cotaquispe. Some might call them folk and some might call them rock, but what you’ll never call them is LATE TO DINNER. Ester’s music is best heard in a house full of mirrors. Use it as the soundtrack to your yo-yo competition. Available to play weddings and funerals.

Faux Co.

Faux Co. is Chicago's own grit pop outfit, blending influences of sixties pop ala later-period Beatles and modern gritty pop ala Spoon. Ben Mackey keeps it tight with the pop hooks, and the new band lineup includes members of Beastii, Little Church and Tragic Trip.

Cold Country

Cold Country is the brainchild of songwriter and audio engineer Sean McConnell. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, McConnell ended his would-be college career in the late-aughts to pursue music, primarily as a recording studio engineer. After booking a one-way ticket to Chicago, he quickly settled in, calling the Midwest home until a brief move to Austin, TX in the fall of 2010. It was in Austin where he began writing and performing his own songs as part of the pop duo You Are An Airplane. By spring of 2011 they had enough material to play a few unofficial SXSW showcases and a tour through the south. Soon after returning to Chicago, McConnell assembled a rotating line-up of friends and local Chicago musicians, calling the project Cold Country, after a term his Minnesota-born father used to refer to the Midwest.
"The most recent disc benefits from an expansive ork-pop sound and the fact that it’s McConnell’s first recording with a full group, turning the intimate, late-night, Nick Drake folk-rock of his one-man-band releases into something much more lush and grand." - Jim DeRogatis

About the curator:
Anna Holmquist is the whole package. From writing songs on the piano in middle school, to playing in groups as diverse as the kooky indie rockers The Curls and their main songwriting project Ester, music has provided Anna a consistent way to process life experiences and experiment with form and performance. Once, a well-written jingle even won them a year's supply of pasta.
Since 2011 Anna has been a lynchpin of the Chicago DIY scene, criss-crossing the city’s network of basements and bars in an assortment of groups, forging alliances across all manners of Chicago creatives. All the while Anna has been steadily collecting memories, emotions, and experiences, and translating them into song. This patient and careful work provided the material for Curtains, the idyllic debut album by Ester released last year that garnered praise from the likes of the Chicago Tribune and Midwest Action.
Hot on the heels of performances at Pitchfork Music Festival 2018 and SXSW 2019 with the Curls and a TNK Fest show with Ester, Anna is a performer you're gonna want to say you saw here first.