Fran / Gratitude Journal / Furbie

@ The Empty Bottle

Sunday, March 4 ~~ 8:30PM

830PM // $5 // 21+

FRAN delivers a bold approach to creating graceful and empowering alternative rock. On their debut EP, More Enough, FRAN sharpens up and transcends her blissful dreams into reality. With tip-toeing guitar lines and soothingly comfortable vocals to match, their music paints a picture of vast landscapes, somewhere near the countryside, waiting to be explored and for love to be found. We’ve been hooked ever since her EP release party back in December so come experience some FRAN magic and maybe you’ll find that love that you had no idea you’d been longing for.

Art rock band from Oberlin? Chicago? New York? Who knows! We’re just grateful to have GRATITUDE JOURNAL with their feel good, empowering and existential indie rock. These learned musicians take it slow without sacrificing their love for distortion/heavy effects and by golly does it do their sound justice.

Like you could hold it forever, aptly named band FURBIE sneaks their way onto this endearing Sunday bill and your hearts. The new project from Slow Mass’ bassist, Mercedes Webb, FURBIE weaves in between secrets, crushes and everything tender leaving the listener ripe for love and friendship.