Free Monday: BBsitters Club / Daymaker / Justindemus

@ The Empty Bottle

Monday, February 11 ~~ 8:30PM

830PM // FREE // 21+

BBsitters Club
BBsitters Club emerges from the basement for a rare recital before the eyes of the masses. The four piece “rock” “band” orbits the world of Hausu Mountain, Good Willsmith & related projects, but the BBsitters streak off on their own path through the history of guitar-ish music - passing through shades of knotty prog riffage, fried country jamming, & red-eyed balladry on the way to shred Valhalla. The quartet of Stogna Balogna, Shades Bassman, Corgki Ramone, and Carl Rude serves up some fresh beef pizza & allows you to be the judge of their fates: to win the talent show, or to languish in the last Guitar Center standing.

Chicago punk band DAYMAKER offer a refreshing dose of authenticity in the often-superficial industry of music production. The band’s messy musicianship is sloppy in all the right places, commenting on issues such as anti-gentrification through their raw, yet goofy lyricism and performance. A perfect mix of political commentary, pure emotion, and deliberate imperfection, DAYMAKER promises perhaps the most real performance you will see this year.

JUSTINDEMUS (stylized as justindemus) is an experimental electronic artist from Chicago. With music bridging gaps between dance, rock, shoegaze, and punk, he employs heavy distortion, ethereal vocals, and modern rock dynamics to create sounds of their own. His work has been described as "psychedelic collage-pop" and as "hypnotic" and "inventive", drawing comparisons to Panda Bear, Four Tet, and Nine Inch Nails and praise from the Chicago Reader, Lumpen Radio, and RBMA.