Free Monday: The Curls / Spirits Having Fun (Record Release) / The Hecks / sewingneedle

@ The Empty Bottle

Monday, July 1 ~~ 7:30PM

8:30PM // FREE // 21+

The Curls
THE CURLS hail from Chicago but seem to mentally reside in outer space or perhaps the lush palm tree lined hills of Hollyweird. An all-star cast of Chicago musicians led by band leader Mick Fansler, the sextet blends genres like these health nuts blend their smoothies. As such their music has been labeled Psych Pop, Art Rock, Nu-Angular Guitar, Real Chicago Blues and even Hardcore Experimental Adult Contemporary. This 6-piece has played The Bottle stage a couple two-tree times before, including a sold-out show with Post Animal last year, and we’re stoked to hear what kind of wild and sporadic sounds they're cooking up this time around.

Spirits Having Fun (Record Release)
Chicago’s Katie McShane splits her time between running Roto-Asterisk Records and art punk outfit SPIRITS HAVING FUN. Earlier this year, the band released their first single and had the chance to tour with Lina Tullgren. Katie’s sweet twee, pop like vocals are deceptive against the contorted sounds of the rest of the band but they weave in and out of each other with ease.

THE HECKS are a rock ensemble set on reviving short-form songs with heterophonic jabs from their busted, misstrung guitar collection. Their enduring interest is in the manipulation of form-based musical tropes, which yields succinct but engaging bursts of sculpted pentatonic structure, sleek and textured instrumental passages, or atonal rhythmic nonsense.

If you're hankerin' for some hard rock that REALLY rocks, then look no further than SEWINGNEEDLE, ya bumpkin. The salty and soused trio are bringing us back to math rock's golden era with their chugging rhythms, sludgy post-punk dissonance, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Let's relive the glory daze together.