Freedom From and Freedom To

@ Elastic Arts

Thursday, September 12 ~~ 8PM

This massive improvisational cross-medium happening, curated by dancer/choreographer Cristal Sabbagh, pairs dancers and musicians from across both of Chicago's active dance and music communities.

Participants (Dancers):
Cristal Sabbagh
Jasmine Mendoza
Wannapa P-Eubanks
Sara Zalek
Peter Redgrave
Erin Peisert
Ed Clemons
Keisha Janae

Participants (Musicians):
Eli Sabbagh (percussion)
Ramah Malebranche (guitar)
Angel Bat Dawid (clarinet, voice)
Adam Zanolini (bass)
N.w. Long (electronics/sound effects)
Janice Misurell-Mitchell (flute)
Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (voice)
Dan Schwarzlose (trumpet, theremin)
Lia Khol (cello)