Fundraiser for Fairfield is Beautiful (a new play)

@ Cafe Mustache

Friday, March 1 ~~ 9PM

An evening of performances and music to raise funds for the production of 'Fairfield Is Beautiful,' an original play written by Bret Koontz and directed by Zach Hebert.

Members of the cast (and a few more) will perform their own content and related projects--some of your brightest contempos:

LIMES TONES (ex-Birdnames group-sung tapestries)
XOH (bass and vocal sooth-scapes)
HAVADINE STONE (performance artist)
ETHAN WALLES (visceral performance stylings)
BRET KOONTZ (chamber pop coaxer)

Come pass the nite with us, enjoy the ambiance of your favorite establishment, and find out more about the play!