Fury / The Wick / Namorado (Solo) / Cherry Cherry Bomb

@ Burlington Bar

Sunday, January 14 ~~ 8PM


FURY is a female hip hop artist from Chicago. Inspired by rappers such as Queen Latifah, Left Eye, Eve, and Lauryn Hill FURY has embodied the spirit of the strong black woman. Backed by a live band she mixes rock, funk, soul, and jazz with a 90s hip-hop flow. She is best known for her powerful lyrics and explosive stage presence. FURY is a force to be reckoned with and commands the attention of all those who listen.


The Wick is a Chicago based group playing R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz ranging from classics like Chic Corea to modern artists such as D'Angelo and the Vanguard.


Forged in the back alleys of Chicago in early 2016, indie rock group Namorado has undergone several metamorphoses to become the 4 piece operation it is today. Drawing from diverse musical influences, they combine energetic rock with group harmonies into a delicious ham and cheese sandwich.


Cherry Cherry Bomb uses four Gameboys to perform original chiptunes. We play poppy music that sounds like it came from an unearthed, Nintendo-era classic. Its 8-bit music with sparkles and smiles.