Glock (Mauser): A Learning-Play by Heiner Müller

@ The Floods Studios (Pilsen) - SW corner of W. 19th St. and S. Paulina St.

Saturday, June 30 ~~ 8PM

East German dramatist Heiner Müller (1929-1995) wrote the learning-piece Mauser (1970) after the fallout from the Prague Spring of 1968. Set in the city of Vitebsk during the Russian Civil War, Mauser confronts the role of violence in revolutionary change and coldly displays its logic in all its contradictions. Banned by the East German government for promoting “counterrevolutionary” ideas and criticized by Western liberals for vindicating “Stalinism,” Mauser is perhaps Müller’s most controversial work.

Glock is an adaptation of the piece for contemporary Chicago, a city whose crime rate and violence have become emblematic of larger problems facing American society. In this production, a cast of Chicagoans from all walks of life and with no professional theater experience grapples with a variant theme: the role of violence in preserving the status quo.