GOON / Uma Bloo

@ The Empty Bottle

Thursday, November 21 ~~ 7:30PM

8:30PM // $10 // 21+

GOON is the technicolored brainchild of KENNY BECKER, who weaves sound and color to create soundscapes that are equally vibrant and sludgy. Fearlessly weird and unrelentingly melodic, GOON takes the sounds of foundational groups like Pixies and Boards of Canada and chugging them through a modern lens. Becker croons like Michael Stipe one minute and snarls like Frank Black the next, but you never lose the sense of who these four guys are making a beautiful racket right in the here and now.

Uma Bloo
Love is hell, and UMA BLOO is here to brave the heart’s darkest depths for the sake of us all. Describing her sound as a “meditation on vulnerability and the strength within feminity,” UMA BLOO offers a shoulder to cry on as much as a fist in the face of a scorned ex. Let her serenade you into the night.