Hostel Presents: Switched-On, Beyond!

@ Earphoria: Chicago

Saturday, September 15 ~~ 8PM

║▌│▂▃▄║▌│█│║▌║Ⅎɹoɯ ʇɥǝ ɟɐɹ ɹǝɐɔɥᴉuƃ║▌│█
From the║▌│█ far-reaching edges of ▂▃▄ the radio dial║▌ɥosʇǝl █Hostel Earphoria║▌Ǝɐɹdɥoɹᴉɐ█transmits a night of │▂▃▄║█│sonic and visual expression│║▌akin to what lies beyond! ▂▃▄║▌│█║▌██ ▂▂▃▄║▌│

║▌▂▃▄║▌D0ORS: 8P│█│║▌║S()UNDS: 9P █│║
║▌│█│║FIVE DOLLAR ║▌│█│║DONATion║▌│█│║

▌██ ██ Visual Art by: Sarai Bernice ▂▃▄║▌▌██

»—--———— »—-——-

▌██ ▂▂Performances ▌██ ▂▂By:▌██ ▂▂

is an experimental sound project by Erica Miller and Dan Hansen using cello, guitar, and vocalizations. For this performance, they will be featuring vocalist Anna Munzesheimer.

█│║▌ DOLL FOOD █│║▌

DOLL FOOD is the sound and voice project of Chicago artist Bri LaPelusa. She previously released a cassette with Not Not Fun Records and is currently recording a new album.

▂▃▄║ ██(Touring from KC)██

SHINY JETS is an experimental rock band formed in Chicago in 2004. Currently, SHINY JETS rehearses, performs and records based out of Kansas City, integrating looping pedals and other electronics.

█║▌│█ █║▌│█

Electronic futuristic soul surrealist house deep psych postmodern underwater
(members of Shuttle Run, Velcro Lewis Group, Electric Desert)

║▌│▂▃▄║▌│█│║▌dlǝɐsǝ ɹǝsdǝɔʇ║█║▌│█║▌│█
Please respect yourself, the space, and those around you at this event. If you have any concerns about your safety or the presence of problematic individuals during or before the event, please communicate that with us and we'll do the best we can to help and provide support. dlǝɐsǝ ɹǝsdǝɔʇ
▌██ ██ ▌██ Ǝup oɟ ┴ɹɐusɯᴉsᴉou █ ▌██ ██