Hostel Presents: Winter Sweater Club ╚(▲_▲)╝

@ Earphoria: Chicago

Saturday, December 9 ~~ 7PM

It's cold, so bring a sweater as we prepare for a lovely, warm winter of arts programming at Hostel. On this night, we welcome new art in the gallery from Frida Fitter and Anastasia Nesbeth, and an evening of tasty performers.

We're also launching the Winter Grower's Program, our new seed-starting initiative getting people to grow garden vegetables for both themselves and for community gardens and organizations around the city.

7:00p - 12:30a

7p --> Gallery Opening & Winter Grower's Program workshop

8p --> Performances:
ming kurray (Chicago, IL)
Hamstrings (DeKalb,IL)
The Undie Bunches (Aurora, IL)
Plus Sign (Chicago,IL)

Poetry by:
Josie Gomez
Cordiah Hayes
Desmond King
Solomon Nix
Ashley Palmer

<3 Please respect yourself, the space, and those around you at this fun-filled event. If you have any concerns about your safety or the presence of problematic individuals during or before the event, please contact / communicate that with us and we'll do the best we can to help and provide support. There will be Hostel heads available and ready to talk during and before the event, just let us know. <3

╚(▲_▲)╝O t h e r H o s t e l N e w s╚(▲_▲)╝

** Join us Dec 12th for Real Men, Real Support, our monthly men's group where we talk through our emotions and detoxify masculinity together. **

*Compost with us for free! Did you know you can drop of your food scraps yea round at Hostel? Just come Saturday's between 10a-3pm. Contact us at to become a member and find ways you can get involved in our Winter Grower's Program :-) *