HOT STUFF // issue 1 // zine release show

@ Record Breakers

Saturday, November 17 ~~ 4PM

HOT STUFF --- a zine exploring intersextions between music and queerness --- is celebrating its first issue with a RELEASE SHOW !

donations for the bands encouraged :-)


~Mackenzie Werner
~Anna H.


HOT STUFF is one set of responses to an ever-evolving collection of questions about the entwinement, overlaps, frictions, and bliss of music and queer life, some of which include:

-What music makes you feel hOt?
-What was a transformative conversation you’ve had about music and sex?
-Have you ever felt sexually alienated by a musical experience?
-What track is connected to a sexy memory for you?
-Are musical pleasure and sexual pleasure alike?
-Do you listen to music when you have sex?
-How did music you listened to in adolescence affect your sexuality or gender expression?
-Whose sexuality is targeted by the music you listen to and why?
-What cultural values are challenged, upheld, or devalued at the intersection of music and sex?
-How do you interpret your own identity through your favorite songs?
-What have we not yet seen in the queer exploration of music, sex, and culture?
-Are certain musical forms (rhythm, repetition, etc.) or genres inherently sexy?
-In what ways are out identities connected or disconnected from our experience of music?
-In what ways are gender, race, ability, age, etc. embedded in the music that makes us hot?


HOT STUFF is co-edited by Miriam, Melanie, and Kelsey:

Miriam is a music theorist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. She is currently completing her PhD in Music Theory at Northwestern University.

Melanie is a vocalist, LGBTQ POC thought advocate, and general creative. She works in programming and finance at Chicago Foundation for Women.

Kelsey is a guitarist, drummer, writer, and skateboarder. She currently works as a magazine editor.