Dorsia / Angel Grave / Stander

@ Burlington Bar

Sunday, November 19


Dorsia, a project that humbly began as a collection of bedroom iphone recordings dating back to 2015, is the brainchild of Chicago multi instrumentalist and songwriter Alice Kraynak (of Idylls & Fauvely). With hazy, reverb-washed atmospheres reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine & Slowdive, and 60s pop-inspired melodies, Kraynak navigates listeners through the complexities of untraditional relationships.


Hailing from the strangest depths of Northwest Indiana, Angel Grave is an ever-transforming celestial body, entrenched in a perennial exploration of the uncharted sonic territory and their collective musical synergy. While an ocean of influences is tossed about their orbit, what burns at the core is a raging inferno of high-energy psychedelia, free-jazz slop and unrelenting clave worship.


Stander is a Chicago trio who explore the visceral and cerebral. Blending heavy, cathartic, guitar-driven passages with repetitive off-kilter rhythms, melancholic melodies, and whirls of improvisation, their largely instrumental music is a contemplation on emotional distress and discomfort.