I.T.S. (Image. Time. Space.) A METAPHOR: A playwriting workshop with Persephone Jones

@ About Face Theater

Friday, December 6 ~~ 5PM

I.T.S. (Image. Space. Time.) A METAPHOR
A playwriting workshop with Persephone Jones
$10-20 TICKETS
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In this workshop, we’ll be looking at playwriting as an imaginative contribution to the theatrical experience. Using exercises from Maria Irene Fornes and the Neofuturists, we’ll be creating (and reading) work about manifesting fantasy and transformation using time, space, and image. Bring your favorite photograph, some headphones, and something to write with/on!

Persephone Jones (they/them/theirs) is a writer, performer, and director of theater and performance in Chicago. They use the malleability of theatrical space to blur reality with fiction; to engage audiences with lived myths; to alienate audiences from the quotidian that keeps them uncritical. Persephone is interested in theater as a social tool of empowerment and art as a route to deeper dreaming.