Ivy Dye / Engine Summer / Sci-Fi Sleep Cycles

@ Burlington Bar

Tuesday, July 16 ~~ 7PM


After meeting in high school, Chris Adams, Bryan Dalle Molle, and Connor Boyle began collaborating on various projects and bands. During the uncertain period between graduating and having his collaborators leave for college, Chris began writing the songs that would eventually become Ivy Dye’s first EP. Formed in late 2011, their early influences ranged from indie rock bands such as Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club, crafting, as Chris says, “catchy melodies that got stuck in your head” This time around, their aim on Diminish was to curate a sound using less outside influence and more of their respective experiences in music production and songwriting. With Bryan based out of Austin, TX, Diminish was the product of a multi-state collaboration between the three. Over the past seven years, Ivy Dye has developed a strong following in the Midwest, opening for bands such as Beach Fossils and Twin Peaks. After a string of EPs including Lyme Times (July 2012) and Continuations (January 2013), they released their first full-length, Regality, in July 2016. Diminish is their first release on 1212 Records.


A three piece "power trio" psych punk love affair.


Some sick indie, emo, bedroom pop from Chicago, IL.