J'eraf Cafe Mustache Residency w/ Free Snacks [1 Of 6]

@ Cafe Mustache

Tuesday, July 16 ~~ 8PM

J'eraf shares their first Cafe Mustache residency night w/ Free Snacks!

Free Snacks

Free Snacks is not just the best word combination in the English language. It's also one hell of a tasty pairing of Chicago producers/emcees/prophets Joshua Virtue and Ruby Watson. The duo recently released a laid back, funky and sample heavy debut EP, "Eat Good," acclaimed by the Chicago Reader (and endorsed by DIY Chi's bestest uncle Rahim Salaam).

Joshua Virtue - Bars, beats
Ruby Watson - Bars, beats



Birthed from the great mother J'eraf, J'eraf systematically exposes lizard people, calls out and cancels fuck bois, and preaches of the One True Flat Earth via varying degrees of regularity and irregularity, harmonicity and inharmonicity, drill and fucking sick tasteful as fuck nu-jazz this is a run on.

Brianna Tong - Vocals
PT Bell - Vocals & Electric bass
Wills McKenna - Tenor Sax
David Fletcher - Trombone
Ishmael Ali - Guitar & Electronics
Eli Namay - Electric Bass
Bill Harris - Drum Kit