Jim Storch (PGH), Beisel/Lyons/Marcloid, Adams/Moreau/Novak

@ Slate Arts and Performance

Thursday, October 25 ~~ 9PM

i want to write a description here but really, just check this lineup and try to imagine yourself _not_ attending this show. i bet you can't.

Jim Storch- sparse prepared object improvisations from Pittsburgh [https://youtu.be/-b4NyYqKGN8]

BEISEL / LYONS / MARCLOID - bass clarinet, guitar, synth, pedals, prepared objects and who knows what else from the people behind groups like Fire-Toolz, Fat Pigeon, and Galaxxu

ADAMS / MOREAU / NOVAK - percussion, guitar, effects, and various instruments from the folks that have brought you Galaxxu, Ze'ev and more