Jupiter Styles / Special Death / Nectar / Dan Durley

@ Burlington Bar

Saturday, November 16 ~~ 9PM

Jupiter Styles "Ultra St. Opera" record release show!


Jupiter Styles is the project of Chicago musician Sean Neumann. Neumann's a familiar face in the Midwest DIY scene, previously playing guitar in Champaign bands Nectar, Easter, and Single Player and touring extensively throughout the world since 2012. Neumann’s project has been dubbed an “indie-minded emo supergroup” by DIY blogs like The Alternative, recruiting members of bands like Ratboys, Pet Symmetry, Nectar, The Reptilian and more to help record and perform songs live. The band's latest album, "Ultra St. Opera," explores the human relationship with loss — through death, time, and a fading memory as life continues rapidly around us.


Distorted guitars and male/female harmonies.


Kamila Glowacki's project Nectar draws influence from twee-pop and punk, blending fast-paced hooks with intelligent songwriting that leaves you wanting more after each song flies by.


Dan Durley is a songwriter from Chicago.