Killer Moon / Kelroy / Doves of Mercury / Abel Agront

@ Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue

Tuesday, November 28

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Killer Moon
Killer Moon is a psychedelic journey of three friends throughout the best years and times of our lives, reflected within our music. We are chasing a high mountain one that will enrich our souls, and make us better people and musicians. Our journey is one of love, anger, pain, sweat, and blood. Psychedelic jam band with classic rock and doomy sludge undertones. Extended instrumentals paired with ambient vocals make Killer Moon a must see for anyone looking to expand their mind and musical horizons.

Kelroy is a five-piece alternative rock band that thrives on creating music and playing live. Born and raised in our Great Goddess Chicago. Our music is a mix of post rock, psychedelia and a whole lot of mood. Vocals (Luis Crespo), guitars (Omar Castro), bass (Jose Calvo), drums (Joel Gonzalez), keyboards and trombone (Vince Panepinto). With s3 elf-released three albums, Bloodshot Hungry Paranoid (2009), Somewhere Renegade (2011) and Beautiful Monsters (2015). we look to make more! Our music has appeared on public radio, including WNUR, WLUW, WBEZ, NOX live and Vocalo. Kelroy has performed throughout various venues in their hometown, including the Metro, House of Blues, Double Door, Lincoln Hall, Portage Theater and Joe’s on Weed Street. In addition to their local following, Kelroy has expanded their fan base with tours to New York, Denver, Milwaukee and Cleveland. They have been creating music together for over 10 years. 10 years has brought them here and you to them. They Welcome and Thank You.

Doves of Mercury
With a melodic sway and a penchant for the hard, fast rush of garage formed electric riffs, Doves of Mercury serve up sweet, smokey vocals atop of hi-rev, straight forward rock and roll, with some low-key tunes thrown in for good measure. All of the members are natives of the Chicago music scene. Although this band is fairly new to the scene being formed in mid 2016, They could have been observed separately, going strong anywhere inside of the punk movement, to the alternative wave and all the good places in between before they all came together to form this band. These are some of their strongest, most fuel charged songs to date. They promise an engaging, dynamic rock performance every time they take the stage. So buckle your bootstraps and enjoy the ride.

Abel Agront
Abel Agront is a singer-songwriter from West Puerto Rico , he has a lo-fi dirty poppy sound that distinguishes him as his trademark, he is the front man in his latest musical project, MISHU. ( ), also been in the indie latino scene since 2007 in Chicago as front man for the band , PAKIDERMO , Abel Agront is known to dabble in styles like indie pop , garage punk, dream pop ,trap and hip-hop , experimental ambiecy vibes and always dreamy,catchy and melodic. you can listen to some tracks here