Lemon Knife / Streetcar / Underwire / Rebels In Stereo

@ Burlington Bar

Sunday, January 13 ~~ 8PM


Hard rock duo from Chicago, inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Wolfmother, and The Clash.


Streetcar blends styles from rock and indie to grunge and post-punk, with an (anti-)folky rawness. Actually, Streetcar is comfortable not really knowing what it is.


We're a dynamic all-girl punk band from Chicago IL. Our songs center on interpersonal relationships, feminism, and the world around us.


Rebels in Stereo is a Chicago based punk rock band formed in May 2014 when Jimmy Natividad and Kristyne Operzedek from the punk outfit Warhellride decided to continue making music together after the band went hiatus. Witnessing their next project, Dead Scene Revival, being torn apart by egos and attitudes, Jimmy and Kristyne regrouped and aligned with guitarist Johnny Morzy. Through a revolving door of lineup changes, personal tribulations and setbacks from the trio, the band soldiered on and continued to write music. In June 2016, bassist Kevin Villani (Nightfall Radio) and vocalist Hillary D. (Syntheticism) joined the fold, rounding out a quintet delivering a rambunctious wall of sound mixed with complex pop sensibilities and raw emotion.