Murton Dur / Telethon / Minor Wits / Burkes

@ Burlington Bar

Monday, November 20


Whether screamed in construction sites or whispered in the back of libraries, Murton Dur goes down best like penny whiskey, fast and bitter on the tongue, warm and fuzzy in the stomach.


Telethon are boy friends who make rocking tunes on the topic of modern living.


Three Men
A Bag of Wine
Chicago Proper
Power Punk Rock

The band's fourth record, "You Don't Need Anyone Else to Feel Like Yourself" empathizes with the realities of being an adult while not complaining about it; making the best of it, naturally.

Eric, Nick J. and Brad operate in a collective state (both recorded and during their live shows). It's their own world -- not over-produced, but together and better-off not alone. The band infuses their individual personalities into a sound that matches their name -- a contradiction of what's expected of itself and what it's really meant to be without hesitation.


New group based in Chicago, just released their debut EP. Accessible, melodic rock music.