Nest Egg / Les Strychnine

@ Cafe Mustache

Monday, April 15 ~~ 10:30PM

Cafe Mustache presents...

Nest Egg (Asheville, NC)
Nest Egg has already made a name for themselves with their amazing fog-heavy, zoned and honed live show. Warping minds and winning fans with their heady, atmospheric take on progressive, ethereal vibed-out rock music. Psychedelic when the mood turns mellow, but driving when they hit the gas and float the cosmic flux. On Respectable, Nest Egg put their talent upfront, weaving in and out of time and space, with a heavy control of their dynamic. This is music for finding your way through the galaxy, with the intent of never coming back. Fervent energy flows through the instruments to divine output. For all of its movement, repetition, and delay, this is a sound that never loses focus, it never slides back, and it stays in the forefront for the duration demonstrating an immense level of talent at controlling the vibe.

The ever evolving mess that is Les Strychnine reconvenes to offer up their own discombobulated version of pop music. Never really fitting into any one niche comfortably, calling them art pop or psych rock is more than misleading. The core of Les Strychnine lies in the delicate and emotive songs of Nick Knowlton who pulls as much from the Dylan song book as from Bryan Ferry or Robert Smith's. With the anchor of Knowlton's songs, the band contextualizes each story or feeling or attitude with as broad of a sonic palette as they are capable. Les Strychnine strives to be unpredictable yet cohesive and moving.

This show will take place on the cafe side of Cafe Mustache after . It will probably start around 10:30pm.
We are asking for $5-$10 donations to help out Nest Egg on their trip back to Asheville.
Much love and appreciation to y'all.