Networks of Resistance

@ Co-Prosperity Sphere

Saturday, October 12 ~~ 5PM

Resistance to the political climate of today necessitates collaboration, movement building, and organizing. Artists are a key part of this struggle. Their work is found in the community—on the streets, in demonstrations, and in the day-to-day organizing tactics of social justice movements. Activist artists depend on each other and the cultivation of networks of resistance in order to continuously contribute to the struggle, sustain themselves and their work, and inspire others to act.

Networks of Resistance showcases the labyrinth of activist art from Chicago and beyond. Activist artists and collectives from Chicago are featured alongside collaborative projects from the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative—a North American print cooperative with 29 artists from across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Featured work includes projects by members of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, the Art Build Workers, The Chicago ACT Collective, CultureStrike, Dignidad Rebelde, William Estrada, For the People Artists Collective, Imaging Apartheid, Sam Kirk, Damon Locks, PansyGuild, Monica Trinidad, Santiago X, and more.

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