Nnamdi Ogbonnaya / Sen Morimoto / Glitter Moneyyy

@ The Empty Bottle

Friday, November 9 ~~ 9PM

9PM // $12 // 21+

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
Sen Morimoto
Glitter Moneyyy
presented by Empty Bottle & Goose Island #312unes

The music of Chicago artist NNAMDI OGBONNAYA is often described as unclassifiable for its unique fusion of hip-hop, rock, pop, gospel, and jazz. His landmark album DROOL (2017) received widespread critical acclaim, including best music of the year accolades in outlets like NPR, The Fader, and Bandcamp. Nnamdi's live performances flash with electricity, and are characterized by constantly shifting musical arrangements that push and pull at his diverse influences. Nnamdi co-founded Chicago's Sooper Records in 2016.

SEN MORIMOTO is a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter born in Kyoto, Japan and currently based in Chicago. He moved to Massachusetts at a young age where he began a life-long study of jazz saxophone. Horn in hand, Morimoto cut his teeth as a songwriter in the DIY hip-hop community of Western Massachusetts. He eventually moved to Chicago where he refined his sound while maintaining a consistent presence in the culture by producing and collaborating with noteworthy local artists. Morimoto's powerful grasp of jazz composition, pop songwriting, and hip-hop styling are fully articulated as the extraordinary sound of an unrivaled talent on Cannonball!, an LP that he wrote, arranged, and produced by himself. Cannonball! was co-released in 2018 on 88Rising and Sooper Records, a label which Morimoto co-owns and operates.

Loud, sexy, equality demanding, champagne guzzling, politically pissed Chicago based rap duo, GLITTER MONEYYY defies social norms. Queen TrAshley and TayyySlayyy are femme rap powerhouses that cover issues ranging from dildos to punching Nazis in the face over bumping hip hop and trap beats. Sweet, rude, crass and outspoken, GLITTER MONEYYY charges it's audiences to go out there and do something.