No Dead Heroes / Wet Wallet / Hex Kittens / Fuck You, Idiot

@ Burlington Bar

Friday, January 12 ~~ 8PM


Three hardworking musicians from Chicago, all we know how to do is Rock, all we want to do is make you feel it from the inside out! We can't quit and we don't know how to stop! Thank you and goodnight ladies and gentlemen and everyone else all over!


Wet Wallet is the husband/wife duo of Keith Herzik (Galactic Inmate, 36 Invisibles, The Latest) and Gina Herzik (Blue Ribbon Glee Club, Gina's Outer Space Experience). Talking machine bass, chorused guitar, drum machine, and secret weapons. Influences of Sonny and Linda Sharrock, Alien Sex Fiend, Snakefinger/Residents, and Chrome.


HEX KITTENS will leave you spellbound, as this blazing, 5 pc chicken mcnugget of a band captivates. Hot lixx, mule kixx, and full frontal guitars navigate all points between rock and punk rock.


Fuck You, Idiot is Jonathan, Kate, Kyle and Miles, and only goes by "FYI" in inter-band text messages, so don't forget. Born out of a common disdain for self-appointed scene icons in the winter of 2013, they play straight ahead summertime pop punk jams all year round. The name is a message to all the dolts whose dumb opinions are only outweighed by their irrelevance, and the songs are for the people who still give a shit. Death to false punk! Kinda like Manowar, but not really.