@ Cole's Bar

Saturday, November 17 ~~ 9:30PM


Pixel Grip has been playing tirelessly at venues like Thalia Hall, word of mouth underground electro dance parties, and on festival stages. Rita’s dynamic, boundless voice guides Jonathon’s lush analog synth arrangements and Tyler’s tight, irresistible drum grooves to form a sound that transcends any one place or time. Their sound melds Chicago house, French electronica, and Hi-NRG while Rita dazzles with strong, clean pop melodies dipped in eroticism which at times boil over into ecstatic otherworldly babble.


VISCERAL ANATOMY are a new techno-industrial outfit featuring both members of the Chicago-based dream pop band WINGTIPS. In this new aggressive expansion, the duo have inverted their roles of performance; bringing a punishing sound of pulsating rhythms intertwined with hypnotic electronic sequences that recapture the elements of classic body music, but remain progressive in scope.


Poster art by AraΓ±a Schulke