Powers of Whorer(Limunia): Cavenaw & Cavenis, HenoftheWoods, Power Tortilla

@ Planet Malevolent

Friday, July 20 ~~ 8PM

Powers of Whorer(Limunia): Cavenaw & Cavenis, HenoftheWoods, ETC
Limunia (Dolls of Dawn, Heaven Limousine) graces us "Powers of Whorer: A Cosmology of the Feminine"
Also Featuring
Cavenaw and Cavenis ( https://www.cavenawcavenis.com/)
Hen of the Woods ( https://www.counttheclock.com/c10pop/clement)
Power Tortilla (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VERiNKumjGs)
@ The Planet Malevolent
"In Powers of Whorer- A Cosmology of the Feminine, Alice and Amy explore what it means to embody archetypal feminine power in a world that treats femininity in power as evidence of a demonic nature as well as psychosis while also sexualizing it, stealing it, controlling, abusing and analyzing it. We talk about how much this blows, and how exhausting and bizarre it is that everyone is so disturbed by femmes living for themselves and in respectful relation to others not to mention in a fully realized poetic and divine state of empowerment and being that has the power to save the world.
We are extremely excited about Explorations into the non-moral archetypes of feminine divinity. This, unfortunately, might make you upset and perhaps a little bit affraid. Why you may ask? Well, we get into it about how everything and all forms of femininity are holy. Its a little bit intense to do this. Usually in the show we are completely non-concerned with what anyone who doesn't like it thinks because that is a deeply deranged socialized feminine compulsion that only results in self hatred. If you don't like it you may leave because no one likes an irritable church goer or audience member. Remember by coming to this you are agreeing to be in a state of semi-prayer and yes, this isn't a threat that in the show we are intentionally trying to hurt anyone or make anyone filled with fear or contempt, but also because we are doing things that most people who have never been through psychosis usually drive them to shunning people in a false move to self protect, it might upset you at different points.
We talk about the story of how the dementedness of patriarchy came to be, what that is like now, might turn into and other ways of expressing the emotion and magic behind this particular experience in multiform ways. A lot of the show has nothing to do with patriarchy and really is just about be a psychotic and empowered divine feminine being as We like being empowered and view it as holy and non-demonic so then we talk about how great it is to heal from hating yourself for your power as well as for our communal socialized inability to let femininity actually be demonic and angelic at the same time i.e complex and human and also archetypal too. Unfortunately usually being feminine means your in compulsive servitude hence- powers of WHORER which also means we talk about co-dependency a little bit as well as prostitution literal as well as giving yourself away to experience love which is something a lot of feminine people can relate to.
We run the full gamut of emotional experiences associated with the subject of shadow femininity and do so in a non traditional format of loosely tied together freaky vignettes. We do what we feel each night- employing archetypal friends we create, We use shadow puppets, giant paper mache puppets, dolls, clothes we make, photographs song dance and poetry that is partital protest of some form of rational-fetish and sleekness fetish art and also just because we feel like it and thats what we like to do and brings us joy.
Our purpose is to spread healing and real true non-compromising commitment to acceptance of self- wounds and all- and we are intuitively sure we will connect with and spread it to others who are receptive to it. We are not here to argue with men.
This show might come across as disturbing but it is simply our truth. it also may make you cry tears of joy and commit more truly to accepting yourself in all your deranged, messiness as well as when you feel empowered and completely sure of your mission in life cuz really we all experience all of it. WithThe Goddess we awaken into self acceptance of ourselves in all we are and all we can be. "