Protovulcan / Jnana

@ Cafe Mustache

Saturday, July 20 ~~ 8PM

Rumoured to be “demented instrumental acid-rock with robotic melodies that sound like party music from an episode of Doctor Who" or "a three-way tug-of-war between frisky, soulful garage rock, frenetic funk, and swaggering 70s proto-metal" - Protovulcan is actually just Deric Criss (Aleks and the Drummer, Walking Bicycles) on drums and Will MacLean (formerly of Mercury Rev offshoot Variety Lights) on moog bass, wurlitzer, and vocoder.

Chillest vintage improv psych groove, to ooze in yer brain and ease yer pain. Featuring Hawk Colman on vox and synth, David Castillo on drum machine and synth, and Steven Stoll on bass guitar and Rhodes.