Pylons / Bernie & The Wolf / Elephants / Lettering

@ Burlington Bar

Tuesday, August 21 ~~ 8PM


Pylons is a rock band from Chicago. They formed in 2015 and put out a self-titled album this summer. They consist of Gretchen Hannum on guitar and vocals, Sam Fadness on guitar and vocals, Karen Mooney on bass, and Jon Pardo on drums. They use striking lyrics and stark dynamics, perfect for fans of Pixies and Wire.


Chicago, Illinois indie rock duo Bernie & The Wolf is taking you back to school with smooth grooves and good old-fashioned smart songwriting. They're sweet and fun on stage, but make no mistake this band packs a punch. Sweet and dangerous like a molten toasted marshmallow, this after-dinner treat will rock your socks with a dynamic and captivating show that's got a little something for everyone.


"Flitting between a definitively melodic base layer and squalling guitar solos that will have you leaping through the air in fist-pumping celebration, the five songs here are remarkably well constructed – even if they feel like they might all fall apart at any given second. Passionate, vehement, and armed with a collection of memorable hooks that should ensure it reverberates well in to the new year..." - GoldFlakePaint


Bunch of brown nerds playing with things.