Queer/Femme Energy Work Clinic*~

@ Learning Machine

Sunday, July 15 ~~ 1PM

Hello friends and lovers, ever thought about trying energy work? Well, this could be just the event for you!

Yes! It's a complementary community energy work clinic, July 15 at Learning Machine. Several skilled practitioners, trained in cellular expansion and reiki, will be onsite to see clients throughout the afternoon.

This is a walk-in clinic. We will have a quiet waiting space available, and will function on a first come first serve basis.
As a drug and alcohol free event, it is recommended that clients come sober if they are able to. That being said, no one will be turned away.

Reiki is an energy healing modality originating in Japan. Reiki can aid in self-transformation, ease physical discomfort, work through emotional pain, and ultimately bring relaxation. Reiki does not require physical touch, but can include touch if the client consents and wishes.

Cellular Expansion and Healing is a form of hands-on Energy Medicine that works with the Body/Mind Connection at the level of the cells. By working at the level of the cells clients are provided with the opportunity to transform stored consciousness within the body such as: thoughts, emotions, stored memories, levels of reactivity, and perceptions of their self and their surroundings. This transformation provides the opportunity for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to happen at the root cause of symptoms. The energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing acknowledges the body’s innate desire for balance, and invites the capacity of lasting change to occur from within. Respectful touch is an aspect of cellular expansion, and the client is invited to lead every session. As a practitioner I am there to support your comfort and sense of well-being.

Potential Utilizations for Energy Work:

~Relieve chronic pain or acute trauma
~Support healing of illness and disease
~Relieve stress, anger, depression and anxiety
~Transform fear, low self-esteem, and patterns of separation & loss
~Heal physical, emotional, and mental trauma and abuse
~Move past negative cycles or “stuck” points in life
~Gain clarity and increase concentration
~Relieve pain from Fibromyalgia
~Support personal and spiritual growth
~Create a more positive and abundant life

Queer/femme event [all welcome]
Accessible space
FREE [we love you]