*RESCHEDULED* Djunah / Seaxes / Bottomed

@ Empty Bottle

Tuesday, February 12 ~~ 8PM

DJUNAH (pron "joon-uh") ... is a heavy duo featuring members of BEAT DRUN JUEL and FAKE LIMBS. Donna plays guitar and Moog bass with her feet. Nick plays drums, sometimes with his feet. Best feet band this side of the Mississippi.

SEAXES (pron "saxes") are an apocalyptic noise-rock duo from the great city of Chicago. Named after the Old English word for "knives," the pair carves their way through hard-hitting, feedback-drenched sets that must be seen to be believed.

BOTTOMED is a dark, avant-garde project consisting of Nick Dellacroce of Bongripper. BOTTOMED's material is oppressive, intense, and uncompromising.