@ Constellation

Friday, August 12 ~~ 8:30PM

3111 N Western Ave Chicago IL 60618
8:30pm. Proof of Covid vaccination is required upon entry.
You can watch the livestream here:
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Restroy is an electroacoustic, improvised music project led by Christopher Dammann and developed in collaboration with James Davis, Kevin William Davis, Mabel Kwan, Paul Giallorenzo and Avreeayl Ra. Called “another raft of hope floating from the Chicago underground scene” (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG), Restroy's music juxtaposes acoustic instruments and free jazz improvisation against electronic textures and noise. Their performances and recordings—2018 self-titled release and 2020's Sketches—combine an exuberant lyricism with multi-layered sonic textures, over a hard driving rhythm section anchored by Dammann and the great Avreeayl Ra.
“The totality of their sound is…pulsating, vibrant, profoundly organic in texture. That's Dammann's signature, brown propulsive rhythm as a ground, allowing for other instruments, (notably trumpet and keyboards) to swell and ebb. Ra's drumming is bifurcated between irresistible driving figures and commentary that subliminally interjects. This is music so personal and intimate that any attempt to classify it by genre misses the point entirely.” – Hobart Taylor, KUCI
“Pretty sure I’ve never used the phrase hauntingly tuneful before to describe an album, but that’s what you got with the self-titled debut from Restroy….a communion of organic and electronic sounds.” – Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm See less