Shortwave / Pink Sky / Dudadius at Cafe Mustache

@ Cafe Mustache

Friday, June 14 ~~ 8PM

Shortwave / Pink Sky / Dudadius

21+ // $5-10 suggested donation

SHORTWAVE is the alter ego of classically trained multi-instrumentalist Dave Zagar. Floating between the boundaries of ambient, classical, 70s psychedelia, and dance rock, his music is experimental and atmospheric, yet rhythmic and punchy. Whether performing solo or with other musicians, his live show features a multitude of analog instruments (drum machines, violin, guitar, synthesizers) used to create live improvised loops. The result is immersive soundscapes and dancy rhythms set to vibrant psychedelic visuals.

Zagar self-released his debut record Phased on January 4, 2019. The album (and Shortwave project) began as a live instrumental scoring of the 2017 solar eclipse — a concept that quickly turned into a full record, with compositions made during the sunrise, sunset, and full moon — all in real-time on his apartment rooftop in Chicago.

PINK SKY is an indie electronica artband from Grand Rapids, MI that creates and performs their music with hardware synths, drum machines, samplers, electric pianos, and live visuals. Comprised of husband and wife, Ryan and Angelica Hay, PINK SKY channels their turbulent personal stories of loss and trauma into immersive audio-visual beauty, and seeks to build community through transformative art-making.

PINK SKY will be releasing an experimental EP on May 24th, entitled It Doesn't Matter / Yr Time Is Ending. Their self-released debut album, FORMS, was released on vinyl and all major platforms on August 25th, 2018 and hit #13 on the NACC Electronic Chart with airplay on college radio nationwide. In 2018, FORMS was the #5 Most Played Album on WYCE 88.1FM and won a Jammie for the Best Electronic Album. This Spring and Summer, PINK SKY will be touring the midwest in preparation for their 2nd LP release in September.


DUDADIUS is the electronic project of longtime media composer, Bryan Rheude. Dudadius explores electronic music that is melodic and contemplative, letting tracks develop in an organic fashion. And while melody is the Queen, a sturdy beat is always a willing Pawn.

Dudadius performs live on a small modular synth system, using Monome grid controllers as his main interface. All the tracks are performed in an improvisational fashion, based on prepared frameworks. No set is ever the same.

There is a computer involved, but it is limited to generating audio-reactive visuals coming from a custom Max/MSP environment.

Dudadius has seven albums available on Bandcamp and all the streaming services. Collisions Minimal is a series of one-off improvisations on his larger modular system, and the other albums are more traditionally produced/over-dubbed productions. Dudadius also maintains an active Youtube channel, with performance videos exploring a particular technique or a certain instrument.