Sinema Obscura presents: TV Party 11

@ Logan Bar

Monday, November 20

Due to circumstances beyond our control we've moved Sinema Obscura presents: TV Party 11 to Logan Bar at 2230 N California Ave. I can't thank Michael Jolls and Mark Vella at Logan Bar enough for bailing us out at the last minute. Join us tomorrow night and I promise you will not be disappointed!!

800- - Trailer for Sinema Obscura presents: "Elliot"
- - - - - "Ghost Show" se2 Teaser by Bummer Camp Media
- - - - - Trailer for "Bitten" by Audre's Revenge Film Production
- - - - - Trailer for "Anne and Andy" by Mark Vella
- - -815 Trailer for "Mandala" see it: Soft Cage Films & Ready Freddy Films joint premiere event Dec 2nd, 2017 at The Auxiliary Art Center
815-820 A Compilation from Ava Threlkel
820-830 A Compilation from Hawk Martha
830-835 Collective Failures
835-845 A Compilation from Anton Bassey
845-900 A Compilation from Poolside Partyline
900-930 Sell Me This Pen - Test Screening