Sinema Obscura presents: TV Party 12

@ Logan Bar

Wednesday, December 20 ~~ 7PM


Logan Bar has graciously allowed us to use their space again. We'll be there with some brand new additions to the collective. Plus new stuff from some of your favorite Sinema Obscura filmmakers.

Join us for our final program for the 2017 season!! This has been one hell of a year and we're capping it off with a sweet TV Party. Come hang out with all of your favorite filmmakers and get a sneak peek at what they'll have in store for you next year!!

700-715 Videos from New Trash including:
Peekaboos- The Quantifiable Song
The Pukes- Execution
Woongi- Coins

715-720 Anne and Andy (trailer) by Mark Vella

720---- "Leftovers: Returns" (trailer) by Anton Bassey
----725 "That Awkward Moment When...Ep 3" by Anton Bassey

725-740 "Casey and Friends" by Mykee Anthony Morettini

740-750 "Law Enforcement Guide to: The Deep Web pt1" by Poolside Partyline

750-800 Hawk Martha Compilation

800-815 "Ariel" by Christopher E. Ramirez

815-830 "Lane and the Mermaid" by Aaron Puckhaber

830-840 ---INTERMISSION---

840-900 "The YEAR 4000" by Ready Freddy Films

900-905 "Isle of Malaise" by Ava Threlkel

905-910 "The Hacker" by Jake Karlson and Bayley White

910-915 "Fruit and Salad Party" by Dead Is The New 30

915-940 "Thanks A Latte" by Third Wheel Entertainment

940-950 "Miss Corn Looks for Back-Up Singers" by TTM Films

950-1000 "An Experiment In Narcissism" by Terence Cover