Sinema Obscura presents: TV Party (S2 E2) "Monsters"

@ Logan Bar

Monday, February 19 ~~ 7PM

TV Party (S2E2) "MONSTERS"

Join us at Logan Bar for a night of local short films from all of your favorite filmmakers. We'll bring you an evening of "Monsters". Witness creatures from other dimensions and the terrible things humans can become when they are pushed beyond their limits.

Musical Guest: Resurrection recovery agency

730---- Audre's Revenge Film Production - "BITTEN"(trailer)
----735 Audre's Revenge Film Production - THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY YOUR FRUIT"
735-745 Joe Randazzo - "THE PEFECT CANDIDATE"
745-750 Luke Ciancio - "DEVOURED"
750---- Johnny Lange - "HAROLD"
----800 Johnny Lange - "LEVCH"
800-815 Anthony R. Williams - "THE DARK HUNGER"
815-820 Hawk Martha - "BEAUTY SHOW 6,7,8"
820-850 ****INTERMISSION****
850-930 Third Wheel Entertainment - "BROILED"
930-1000 Deathblow Productions - "AIR CONDITIONS"

****For info on how YOU can submit your films, art, music, comedy, etc...please email...