Sloppy Jane (BK) ¬ Glad Rags ¬ Gold Connections

@ Lincoln Hall + Schubas

Thursday, August 23 ~~ 8PM

Sloppy Jane
Brooklyn, NY

"Don’t let the theatrics fool you– Sloppy Jane is a musically complex twelve piece that blends multiple styles, genres, and poetic lyrics that pull at your heartstrings. With carefully curated performances to support their debut full length album, Sloppy Jane has created something that is more than just an album– it’s a feeling.
Willow is a 40-minute concept album that seamlessly blends vastly different styles into one cohesive piece of rock and roll. From start to Sloppy Jane takes you on an emotional journey, following the life of Willow, a stripper in Inglewood who runs away to the desert. The album blends folk, punk, and bits of classical styles to create a soundscape that would make the likes of Frank Zappa and Marilyn Manson proud. Listening to Willow from start to finish with no breaks in between is one of the best gifts you can give to your eardrums. – Carolyn Fasone

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