SMP: Inner Ear Brigade and Tommy Carroll's Calculated Discomfort

@ Slate Arts and Performance

Saturday, October 20 ~~ 8:04PM

In town from San Francisco and fresh off a performance at Progtober Fest, Inner Ear Brigade will share a set of their hardily constructed compositions in an intimate setting. Tommy Carroll's Calculated Discomfort will open the evening with a set of multilayered group improvisations.

Inner Ear Brigade:

Inner Ear Brigade (IEB) is an ensemble of musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area who play a unique mix of progressive rock, jazz, and experimental pop, all delivered through their originally detailed compositions and arrangements. They recently released their 2nd full length album “Dromology”. The music is “fun, happy, accessible, and proggy.” Steeped with a vintage analog sensibility, effects processing, and synthesizers, IEB crafts their sounds from “RIO elements (Rock In Opposition), Canterbury (Sound), and Zappa”. IEB is Bill Wolter (guitar and compositions), Ivor Holloway (sax), Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Stephen Wright (bass), Alison Niedbalski (vocals) and Christopher Lauf (drums).


Tommy Carroll's Calculated Discomfort:

“From creating a fusion of groovy, feel-good tunes with his band to taking listeners on a journey through his abstract, ambient and ‘textural’ soundscapes, Tommy Carroll does not like to limit himself to any one genre. One might even say that he's on his way to creating his own form of jazz.” – Music Garage Chicago

Tommy Carroll – drums
Ben Zucker – vibes and xylosynth
Karl Maher – guitar
Mary Halm – upright bass
Will Barnard – alto sax
Matt Riggen – trumpet
Joey Rosin – baritone sax