Solemn Meant Walks/Blue Ribbon Glee Club/John Lamm

@ Cafe Mustache

Friday, August 2 ~~ 8PM

Take a musical dip in Cafe Mustache!

Solemn Meant Walks is a look into the transformation of dreamy ethereal rock combined with dark angular/experimental interpretations of avant-garde, goth & post punk.

The Blue Ribbon Glee Club is a Chicago-based a capella group performing covers of classic alternative and punk rock songs.

John Lamm is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago, IL, and has been writing and performing since 2013. Clean, authentic, extraordinarly expressive vocals, profound lyrics, and a unique blend of style results in truly captivating music, inspiring all who listen to dig deep and feel something.

21+, $5 suggested door for the bands. C'mon in, the water's fine!